Dynaspheres Gold 572 Pool Ball Set

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We play with Dynaspheres balls in the Salotto office and LOVE them. You'll love the way they play, the vibrant look and will understand why Shane Van Boening and Karl Boyes choose Dynaspheres. The Gold series are the highest quality with a classic look. They play absolutely amazing with an incredible sound. 

Set contains 1 cue-ball, 7 “striped” balls, 8 “solid” balls, cleaning cloth and 2 pool ball racks

cue- ball is marked with 6 blue dots for increased feedback on spin.

SIZE : 57,2 mm +/- 0,08 mm (2-1/4")
WEIGHT: 169 gram +/- 1,0 gram
GRAVITY: 1,725 +/- 0,02
HARDNESS: ≥ 59 Rockwell
COMPOSITION: extremely high phenolic resin content
(tests performed under controlled conditions: Temp 22-25 degrees Celsius, humidity 50% +/- 5%.)

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